Our aim is to offer the clientele an attentive selection of typical Piedmontese and Turinese specialities produced by local artisans and/or leading manufacturers.
To complete the assortment, besides regional specialities we also offer a series of typical products coming from all over Italy (cantucci (almond biscuits), torroni di pistacchi (pistachio nougat), panforte al taglio (Sienese cake made with honey and almonds in slices, …)
Among the Piedmontese specialities we are noted for :

typical chocolates of Turin, made exclusively with hazel nuts from Piedmont, cocoa and sugar.
  • Gianduiotto Oro (Gold): traditional recipe
  • Gianduiotto Antica ricetta (Ancient Recipe): differing from the traditional type because being hand-made they are more creamy.
  • Gianduiotto Blu (Blue): the latest version of a plain chocolate gianduiotto with a higher percentage of cocoa.

”Undressed” chocolates of Turin, that include delicious truffles, spiced chocolates (with cinnamon, hot peppers, ginger.) arancini (croquettes) , mixed varieties with cream, etc.
  • Baci di cherasco: delicious plain chocolate with toasted chopped hazel nuts from Piedmont, Cuneesi chocolates with rum, Barolo wine flavoured with cinnamon bark, grappa, chestnut cream, hazel nuts : plain chocolates filled with a smooth cream in different flavours.
  • Marron glaces ( seasonal)
  • Bars of milk chocolate, plain chocolate, extra bitter chocolate, spiced chocolate
  • Piemontese hazel nut tart
  • Bread sticks covered with chocolate
  • Krumiri di Casale Monferrato : Typical butter shortcake biscuits made according to the ancient recipe
  • Bicciolani di Vercelli : delicious crumbly biscuits flavoured with cinnamon
  • Nocciolini di Chivasso : little meringues made with hazel nut flour, sugar and egg whites