In 1883 in the premises of the present-day Confectionery Antonio Prunotto established the sale of liqueurs, depicted in the rich stucco framework of the shop front, still in existence today; only in 1926 Silfredo Avvignano took over the premises and started the refurbishing of the Avvignano Confectionery .
The exterior was completed with slabs of marble by the marble cutter Cappelletto, the precious inner door in walnut with carved panels was fitted, between the windows and the entrance there is the table-signboard that over the years has become the symbol of the shop.
The interior was decorated by the antiques dealer Quaglino, and we can admire the prestigious details of the design and the material used. The wooden counter, with skirting board and shelf in Verde Alpi (Green Alpine) marble, is decorated like the window-fittings with blue lacquered pilasters, festoon cordons and knots. Lacquer and gilding in fine gold decorate the walls and ceiling: admire the sumptuous ceiling prior to the work of Quaglino.
In 1989 the Ferraro family took over the premises and assigned the restoration work to the laboratory of Nicola di Aramengo, a renowned Turinese restorer, and his work received the 1st award in a contest promoted by the local authorities as the best preservative restoration.
The following year the shop became a member of the HISTORICAL BUILDINGS OF ITALY.